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Meet Matt. The producer behind our healthy drinks range

Matt's Story

Founder, Kore Culture Lab, Uluwatu Bali

After Matt Cook's father was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease and passed away he founded Kore Culture Labs, a company totally dedicated to quality health and wellbeing food and drinks. Matt sources his ingredients locally from the best farmers in Bali, and works with Sasha to concoct original and clean, low sugar beverages that will keep you refreshed and your microbiome healthy. You should visit his R&D cafe in Uluwatu, it’s like a science Lab. We are proud to be working with Matt, his head and heart are in the right place. And those are the only people we partner with.

Jane's Story

Founder, āluān, Sumatra Indonesia

Aceh in Sumatra is the last place on earth where orangutan, rhino, elephants and tigers coexist and where turtles nest every night. Jane Dunlop and her team saw this vibrant ecosystem being destroyed by industrial palm oil plantations and founded āluān. Through sustainable coconut farming, āluān is slowing and reversing the destruction of the rainforests and working alongside the local farmers to support the communities, ecosystems and critically endangered wildlife in Aceh. Their extra virgin coconut oil is created at source using unique locally created processes. Packed with nutrients, it is perfect for enhanced brain function, immunity support, heart-health & radiant skin.

"To know where the rice on my plate came from, to know the field and the farmer was a profound experience."

"I love paying that little bit more to know that I am feeding my family well, eating tasty, sustainable and ethically sourced products"

Sasha's Story

Founder, Sasha's Farms & Sasha's Fine Foods

For the past 11 years Sasha has sourced the purest, most delicious food on the planet for Sasha’s Fine Foods in Singapore. Sasha sources from family-run farms who genuinely care about the environment and their teams and who are deeply passionate about retaining the quality of production.

Sasha’s Farms concept was created to keep pure & delicious food from becoming extinct. Supporting independent farmers and farmer collectives by paying them what produce is really worth and providing them with an environmentally conscious brand, audience and logistics that supports their future and ours.